Surfboard Olaian 900, 7' Foam Board with 3 Fins

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Olaian 900, 7' Foam Surfboard with 3 Fins | Designed by a team of surfing enthusiasts for regular surfers looking for a compact board with good size for taking waves easily.

Compact board that lets you get the most out of great conditions. A large board that lets you take off in small waves without the inconveniences of a longboard.


Volume (L): 60 Weight (lbs): 11 Dimensions ("): 7'1" x 23.1" x 3.5" Dimensions (cm): 215 x 58.7 x 9


Jeremy Smith (Hendaye)


Polystyrene core with 2 wood stringers. High-quality polyethylene surface. Woven high-density polyethylene base. 3 FCS-compatible fin boxes included. Regularly tighten the fin box screws.

Usage precautions

Warning: Prolonged exposure to the sun or intense heat can cause detachment of the lining. We recommend keeping your board in shade and never leaving it inside a vehicle. Regularly tighten the fin with the key provided to keep water out. If you need to fasten the board to a roof rack, we recommend putting the board in a bag. The strap may damage the rail.


Foam : 100.0% Polystyrene - Expanded Upper part - Main fabric : 100.0% Foamed Polyethylen Board fin : 100.0% Polyethylene Low Density Lower part - Main fabric : 100.0% Polyethylene Co-Vinyl Acetate Structure : 100.0% Wood

Durability : Reinforced foam construction with stringers. Fin boxes included.

Glide performance : Easy-access shape. Reinforced rigid woven base. Dense foam and stringers

Easy to handle : Round tail. 3 soft-edge fins.

Easy assembly/dismantling : 3 removable fins. Leash plug.

Grip : Wax before use. Base coat + wax. Supplied with rear foot pad.