Surfboard Olaian 500, 7'8" Foam Board with Leash and 3 Fins

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Olaian 500, 7'8" Foam Surfboard with Leash and 3 Fins | Designed by a team of surfing enthusiasts for intermediate surfers looking for a good compromise between safety, lift and easy handling.

A board that's ideal for all surfers whatever their level. More difficult for lightweight beginners. This shape - which we've offered for over 10 years - has been used by many competent surfers looking to take on the maximum number of waves in easy summer conditions. The top-up at the front keeps you stable when you move forward. You can surf in waves up to the top of your head without any problems, providing the wave is not too hollow.

Dimensions (inches): 7'9" X 22" X 3.3" (cm): 235 x 56 x 8.3
Volume: 75 L Weight: 10 lbs

Stability : Wide Malibu shape with plenty of volume. Top up at the front.

Durability : 3 Wood stringers, high density polyethylene base.

Easy to handle : 3 soft-edge fins and round tail.

Glide performance : High-density polyethylene slick. Good rigidity with stringers.