Surfboard Olaian 500, 7' Foam Board with Leash and 3 Fins

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Olaian 500, 7' Foam Surfboard with Leash and 3 Fins | Designed by a team of surfing enthusiasts for young surfers who are gaining confidence in small waves.

Shape suited to lighter surfers for improving their skills in weak waves reaching from knee- to shoulder-height.


Dimensions (inches): 7' x 22.6" x 3.4" Dimensions (cm): 214 x 57.5 x 8.6 | Volume (L): 55 | Weight (lbs): 9.9 including fins


Jeremy Smith (Hendaye)


Expanded polystyrene core with 2 wood stringers. New Hot-laminated polyethylene coating on the core to limit water entry and improve the rigidity. High density polyethylene base. Wax before use to avoid slipping.

Easy to assemble

A kit with 3 identical fins and single size screws so you can't go wrong. Comes with a plastic Allen key for tightening. 8'2" double swivel urethane leash. Regularly check the fastening of the screws to ensure good water resistance.

Using the leash

WARNING: never hold your board with your hands or fingers wrapped in the cord. This can lead to serious finger injury. Properly install the leash by checking the attachment to the board. Practice removing the leash from your ankle in the event of a problem.

Usage precautions

Warning: prolonged exposure to the sun or extreme heat can cause de-lamination. We recommend that you store your board in the shade and not inside a vehicle. Regularly tighten the fin with the key provided to keep water out. If you need to fasten the board to a roof rack, we recommend putting the board in a bag. The strap may damage the rail.


Deck : 70.0% Polystyrene - Expanded, Deck : 10.0% Polyethylene Low Density, Deck : 10.0% Polyethylene Co-Vinyl Acetate, Deck : 10.0% Wood Board fin : 100.0% Polypropylene

Stability : Wide and large 55 L size.

Durability : 2 Wood stringers, high density polyethylene base.

Easy to handle : 3 soft-edge fins and round tail.

Glide performance : High-density polyethylene slick. Good rigidity with stringers.