Surfboard Olaian 100, 7'5''Foam Board with Leash and 3 Fins

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Olaian 100, 7'5''Foam Surfboard with Leash and 3 Fins | Designed by surfing enthusiasts on the Basque coast for adults under 145 lbs to learn and improve their skills.

Perfect for catching your 1st waves thanks to its large size and dimensions. It also allows you to improve your skills on the waves. Good for surfing in green and white waves up to shoulder height. For adults and kids under 145 lbs if they are true beginners. Can be used regularly by adult surfers up to 200 lbs.

Dimensions: 7'5" X 22.8" X 5.6" (cm) 226 X 58 X 14.3
Weight: 11.9 lbs Volume: 80 L

Supplied with a leash that attaches to the strap between the 2 screws of the central fin. Comes with 3 soft-edge fins.

Large, wide shape with good weight distribution for better stability.

Expanded polystyrene core, 2 wood stringers, polyethylene skin.